Cameron Maske

Are you a Python Developer? I'm working on a course about testing with pytest and if you have a spare 5 minutes, I would love to hear about your experiences.

How To Mock Patch A Function [Video]

23 August, 2018 · PYTEST, MOCK

Learn the basics of mocking when testing Python with pytest in a short and to the point video. You can also run the example test code in your browser.

Comparing 3 Continuous Intergration Services For a Docker Compose Project

11 August, 2018 · DOCKER, CI

Comparing Codeship, CircleCI and TravisCI by speed, cost and setup ease for a Django Rest Framework project.

Muting Django Signals With A Pytest Fixture

01 August, 2018 · PYTEST, DJANGO

Learn how to implement an autouse pytest fixture to mute Django signals in your test suite. Useful to help speed up tests and prevent any excess database actions.

How To Run Docker On OSX With NSF (And Avoid Docker for Mac Slow Performance)

01 January, 2017 · DOCKER, OSX

Use Docker Toolbox and docker-machine-nfs to create a great local OSX Docker development environment (~20x faster vs Docker For Mac).

Using pytest with Django

08 December, 2015 · DJANGO, PYTEST

Life's too short to waste time on testing boilerplate. Learn how to get pytest up and running on your Django Project.

Side Projects. What Are They Good For?

10 October, 2013 · PROGRAMMING

Side projects are a great way to work on that ‘pet problem’ or ‘idea’ thats been gnawing a way in your head the last week. But aside from…

Resizing images using Flask and Redis.

15 June, 2013 · FLASK, REDIS

Recently I put together a mini-project that resizes images convenientally through Flask and caches the thumbnail images in Redis. The code…

Designing a Website

11 June, 2013 · WEB DESIGN

My process putting together a bootstrap theme to sell on wrapbootstrap.

3 Bookmarklets That Regularly Help Me With Web Design

01 July, 2012 · WEB DESIGN

In this post, I’m gonna run over some useful bookmarklets that have helped me with web design and hopefully will aid some of you. Now, you…

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