ES6 Cheatsheet

27 January 2017 · ES6, JAVASCRIPT

Recently, I've switched to working with ES6. Here I've documented my every growing ES6 personal cheatsheet.

Running Docker on OSX

01 January 2017 · DOCKER

In this post, I'll cover the best way I've found to run Docker in my local OSX development environment.

Side Projects. What Are They Good For?

10 October 2013 · PROGRAMMING

Side projects are a great way to work on that 'pet problem' or 'idea' thats been gnawing a way in your head the last week. But aside from scratching that itch, I believe they are a vital tool in making you a better developer. I thought I'd retrospectively look over my various oddities of side project from the last year to see what I've learn from them.

Resizing images using Flask and Redis.

15 June 2013 · WEB APPS

Recently I put together a mini-project that resizes images convenientally through Flask and caches the thumbnail images in Redis.

Designing a Website
Part 1 · Inspriation

11 May 2013 · WEB DESIGN

In this series of posts, I’ll be talking about building a website design from scratch. In part 1, we will explore some good starting points and helpful tips on getting the feel and mood of your design down.

3 Bookmarklets That Regularly Help Me With Web Design

01 July 2012 · WEB DESIGN

In this blog entry, I'm gonna run over some useful bookmarklets that have helped me with web design and hopefully will aid some of you.